About Delta Lightning Arrestors

Delta Surge Protectors sells Delta Lightning Arrestors and Surge Protectors, which are patented surge dissipation devices, NOT available in stores!. We have been manufacturing surge protection devices for over forty years, and our list of clients includes numerous Fortune 500 companies. When you purchase a Delta Lightning Arrestor or Delta Surge Protector (i.e. an LA-302 or CA603 unit) or Delta Residential Package #1 from us, you can be sure that you now have state-of-the-art protection against electrical power surges and lightning damage, for only a fraction of the price.

DeltaSurgeProtectors.com is the only exclusive authorized online sales agent for Delta Lightning Arrestors, Inc. and encourage you to ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

We ship every Delta Lightning Arrestor, Capacitor and Circuit Protector, brand new and ready for easy install (our instructions are step-by-step and many of our customers find that they do not even need to hire an electrician for the install!), direct from the manufacturer to your doorstep - without distributors or their added fees and gimmicks - which allows us to pass substantial savings on to you!

Delta Lightning Arrestors such as: LA 302R, LA302, LA303, LA603 and Delta Surge Capacitors such as: CA 302, CA 603R, CA603 protect electrical equipment at: PV Systems Oil Well Motors Computers Telephone Systems Water Well Motors HDMI Televisions Stereo Systems Home Theater Systems Cathodic Systems High Voltage Water Wells Air Conditioners Alarm Systems Submersible Pumps. Attach to residential electric service entrance to protect home wiring and appliances. Attach to industrial motors to protect from lightning. Protects water well motors.
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