online domino

Playing domino online is a great way to pass the time or to test your skills. The game is easy to learn and requires no special equipment. The goal of the game is to place all your dominoes on the board and to be the first player to reach a set number of points. Each turn, you must choose a domino from the pool of available dominoes and drag it to the board where you want to position it.

There are many different games of domino, but most of them share the same basic rules. The game starts with the players shuffling and distributing tiles (dominoes). Then, each player adds a tile to the end of a line that has been previously laid down. The new tile must match the number of pips on both exposed ends of the previous dominoes. If you are unable to match one or both of these, you must draw from the boneyard to find another tile that can be played on your train. If you are able to match both ends of the train, then you can “close” your train and score extra points.

A popular version of the game is called a Mexican Train, where each player has a train of dominoes that are connected by matching pairs of doubles. The first player to score a point by placing their tile on top of an open double wins. Some rules allow you to play a double on a train without scoring it, while others require that all other players must pay for the opportunity of playing an additional domino.

Another way to win a game is to be the first person to use all of your tiles and then close your train. This is a fast-paced game and you will have to make quick decisions based on your luck. You can also try to out-maneuver your opponents by taking away their trains.

Many domino players count the number of pips on the losing player’s remaining dominoes at the end of a hand or game, and add that total to the winner’s score. Another scoring method is to count only the numbers of matching halves of a pair of dominoes. This is a good way to avoid counting the number of doubles, which may be too high a score.

There are several websites that offer free online domino games. You can either sign up for an account with the website and play against other players or you can simply log in as a guest and face a computer-controlled opponent. Kurnik is a great site to play free online domino games and has other classic board and card games as well. Another option is to play at Playdrift, which is another free online multiplayer domino site. Both of these sites have a large community of users from all over the world. They also feature tournaments and a great variety of options for the players.